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Solar Joint Ventures USA (“SOLAR JV”) is a premier, end to end, Green Energy Solution Company focused on money saving, carbon reducing, power generating systems for commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural markets throughout the United States.



Save Big by Going Solar

Solar energy allows you to pay a fraction per kWh of what utility companies charge.

Write Off for Taxes

There is an investment tax credit that allows companies to write off the depreciation of a solar installation in 1 year.

Customer Demand

Consumers are conscious about who they are buying from and what type of environmental impact your company has.

Let the Government Help

The United States green initiative is fiscally supporting companies who want to focus on renewables.

Low-cost solar

Due to advances in photovoltaic technology, solar is now considered one of the cheapest sources of electricity.

SREC Credits

Sell your renewable energy credits on the market to other companies who wish to increase their public image.

Need more information?

At Solar Joint Ventures USA, our experts have compiled all the best information to provide you with our most actionable money-saving tips in one downloadable  ANSWER GUIDE.

This guide has many benefits that will help you save money, make money, and help the environment.

Solar energy is renewable energy, which means solar panels will provide energy for years and years. A one-time investment could reap years of savings and benefits. Other benefits and expert tips in this guide include:

  • How to get immediate savings, not just long-term savings
  • How long it will take for your solar panels to pay for themselves
  • Everything you need to know about turning solar power into a valuable investment

All this and more is in this information-packed guide. This guide will give you everything you need to know about solar panels and get you started with big savings on energy costs right away!


Energy SourceType2009 Cost ($/MWh)2020 Cost ($/MWh)% Change
SOLAR PhotovoltaicRenewable$359$37-90%
Onshore WindRenewable$135$40-70%
Gas - Peaker PlantsNon-Renewable$275$175-36%
Gas - Combined Cycle PlantsNon-Renewable$83$59-29%
Solar Thermal TowerRenewable$168$141-16%

What People are Saying

Your representatives were courteous, thorough and efficient at every stage of the purchase and installation process, from the initial energy assessment of our facility to the final test of the system and clean up. Your sales representative made several very reasonable recommendations and worked with us to come up with a solar system design that fit our budget. The installation crew came when they said they would, worked steadily and finished on time.
Roy P.
Troy MI
Our Corporate office has strict requirements for any works done to the building and your team was excellent throughout the entire process. They worked flexibly to help reduce impacts to residents during the installation phase. We’ve been extremely happy and would highly recommend their technical expertise to other businesses contemplating solar.
Terry L.
Ann Arbor
SAEP has engaged John M. to install 6 solar systems totaling 3,000 kW on our properties. SAEP has been extremely satisfied with the work carried out and continued a good relationship since the completion of these installations. SAEP has meticulous design and quality requirements and during my 30 years of employment, I have managed countless projects across a range of services, I have been very pleased at the level of work completed. Their services from engineering to installation have been excellent with an impressive attention to detail ensuring our requirements have always been met.
Dennis R.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our solar systems are designed and equipped with transmitting software that allows you to monitor your production of solar energy in real time from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Oddly enough, the sun’s energy production globally is not determined by temperature.  Our sophisticated software has access to government climate data that supplies the information on the number of annual solar kilowatt hours in your zip code.  This will all be outlined in the FREE report that we will provide to you.

We review your engineer drawings and our engineering department will design a system that your building can adequately support.  Also, we have hurricane rated systems that are installed on your rooftop and anchored by cement ballasts that do not penetrate your roof.  These systems allow for roof repair and replacement with limited effort.

Our design software will assess your situation and allow our engineers to review the direction, shade factors, and other pertinent data to determine the most proficient capture of energy along with the usable square footage of your rooftop of your rooftop that a Solar JV system can replace.

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