Solar Joint Ventures (“SOLAR JV”) is a premier, end to end, Green Energy Solution Company focused on money saving, carbon reducing, power generating systems for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Agricultural markets throughout the United States.

Our core business is the architectural and engineering design, assembly and installation of rooftop, ground Mount and carport solar systems.

Our Company creates and installs full Micro-Grid, low emission energy systems that include Natural Gas Generators and Battery systems coupled with Solar to maintain off the grid operation to function in almost any Electrical Grid malfunction or crisis.

Our executive team is led by John Millson who, after a successful political career, has spent more than a decade in Canada leading his own company in the solar industry. John joined SOLAR JV in 2016 and oversees all design, equipment acquisition, and interconnection agreements with electrical utility companies and government bodies.

John Slifco is an equity owner in the Solar JV USA. John is also the founder and owner of Slifco Electric, a leading national electrical contracting company. Slifco Electric’s clients and projects include Ford Land, General Motors, Toyota, Amazon, Rivian and many more Fortune 2000 companies.


Our Green Energy objective:

To provide a superior level of money saving design, installation and service for your company, municipality, or agriculture operation.

We are hands on and control all aspects of the project – from design to system monitoring after installation.

Your business will have direct access to our specialists before, during and after your green energy system is fully active.

By reducing the carbon footprint of your business, you will benefit from many other advantages of going green. There is a growing demand from the communities in which you operate that want to support this type of corporate responsibility. Furthermore, we’re in an era where large manufacturers such as General Motors are committing to a carbon-free energy footprint. These Companies are going to mandate that their vendors, dealers, suppliers, and distributors implement a green footprint.

We welcome the opportunity to speak to you to discuss and explore our money saving, Green Energy Solution.

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