"I'm interested in solar energy, but it just doesn't make sense for me because..."

This may have been true a few years ago, a lot has changed since then. The price of solar has come down significantly from around $4 per watt in 2008 to around $0.60 per watt in 2016.  Our experienced installation crews make our labor efficient, resulting in low costs.  We are committed to proposing a solution that works within your budget, allowing you to pay for the project with little to no out of pocket expense, while seeing a positive cash flow throughout the project’s life.

Without financing the project, you might be looking at a payback period of around ten years or more.  Our customers have enjoyed the favorable tax benefits being offered for sustainable projects like solar which makes the payback period two to five years.  With a product warranty of 25 years and a projected life of at least 30 years, solar is a great long-term investment.  With financing, most solar projects break even in their first couple of years and have loan payments that are often less than the savings on their electrical bill.  Together, this results in a system that pays for itself and more.

Germany is a world leader in installed solar capacity.  They have an average level of solar irradiation less than Michigan.  It’s clear that we have an abundance of solar energy available to utilize in the United States.  Solar arrays are tilted to a specific angle that maximizes the energy captured at their location.  The cooler temperatures of the United States help to increase an array’s electricity production, because high temperatures reduce a system’s efficiency.

Our design engineers can develop the best system for you.  Their expertise from many years of experience has given them the knowledge to maximize a site’s potential.  Let our experts conduct a courtesy site assessment to evaluate your solar energy options.  If your site makes sense for solar, we will provide you with a detailed proposal including both the technical and financial information necessary for you to make an informed decision.

An investment in solar energy is a viable way to mitigate risk from fossil fuel price fluctuations.  Although the future price of electricity is uncertain, experts project the cost of electricity to continue to climb as it has for the last few decades.  As more coal and nuclear power plants are being shut down due to high operating costs and environmental concerns, the price of electricity from the grid will continue to increase, further increasing your solar array’s value.

They are!  Solar is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, showing exponential growth over the last decade and that trend is projected to continue.  The world’s installed solar capacity has gone up from 2.2 GW in 2002 to 100 GW in 2012.  Skepticism and policy restrictions have been obstacles for the solar industry.  Education, experience, and system performance are continually overcoming these obstacles.

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